Joshua Barbato Graphics is dedicated to providing specialized graphic design services to churches. Though most of my marketing is geared towards churches, I work with businesses and non-profits as well. My mission is to empower my clients in effectively conveying their message to their audience through captivating and innovative graphics, thus fostering deeper engagement and connection.
• Free up your time to focus more on other important things in your ministry and let me handle the graphic design needs for your church. 
• Hire a graphic designer without the cost of hiring a full-time employee. 
• If you already have a graphic designer on staff, I can help take some projects off of their plate during those times when projects are piling up. 
• Let me handle the daunting task of ordering printed material for you by using my trusted vendors.
• I understand that each community is different, and so my aim is to design graphics that are specifically tailored to your community, helping you impact your community by speaking their language.
How it works in 3 easy steps:​​​​​​​
You can easily submit your design requests by filling out the form here, or by sending me an email at
I take the information you provide in the design request, and if no further clarification is needed, I will begin to work on your project.  Project concepts are usually finished within 3-5 business days from the day a design request is submitted.
I email you concepts for your approval.  In this step you may request design revisions to the original concept if changes are needed.  Once the concept is approved, I will email you any necessary final artwork files.
Retainer Packages
Do you consistently need multiple projects designed each month?  My retainer packages may be the perfect solution for you!
*One project is defined as a single piece of artwork created, such as one logo, one flyer, one booklet, etc. 
*Each retainer package is billed monthly, and can be cancelled at anytime before the 1st of the next billing month.
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